Ranger's vambraces

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Ranger's vambraces

Postby Udwin » Thu Jan 12, 2017 7:49 pm

Up for grabs are a pair of leather vambraces, based on those worn by Boromir in the Jackson films, which I made many years ago and recently rediscovered at the bottom of a trunk of gear. As I do not portray a Dunedain persona, I thought I would offer them up to the MERF first.


They are 'U-Finish'!--just add your choice of 1" buckles (or smaller, if you want to cut down the straps), four short saddle stitches and they're ready to go. These would make a very good, easy project for a newcomer looking for some solid gear.

Condition is...very good, with honest patina. I wore these in my younger days out on many ranger-y adventures, so they have seen some service (they're already broken-in!); the stitching has been payed with tallow/beeswax, which just adds to their character. If you liked Jackson's lived-in aesthetic, you'll love these.

The body and straps are alum-tanned deerskin*, and the outer layer is a wonderful tobacco-colored sturdy full-grain** cow, stitched together with waxed linen.
Length: twelve inches; will accomodate forearms of various sizes.

*Hence I would not recommend iron buckles, but plated or brass works and looks great!
**This is not appropriate leather for tooling (hence no white trees on these), but look very fine unadorned. Additionally, they CAN be 'bright-burnished' like Imrahil's vambrace--breath can mist and be seen on the surface!

Asking $60 for the pair, although I'm more than willing to drop the price a bit in exchange for some barter, if you have something I'm interested in.


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Re: Ranger's vambraces

Postby Melthrist » Tue Feb 28, 2017 8:44 pm

Wish these could be mine, but they're out of my price range at the moment. :cry:
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Re: Ranger's vambraces

Postby TaylorSteiner » Sat Aug 18, 2018 11:47 pm

Hello Udwin,
I'm really interested in these vambraces, are they still up for sale?
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