Southeastern Spring Ranger Moot

So moot it be...

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Southeastern Spring Ranger Moot

Postby Eric C » Mon Jun 12, 2017 10:58 pm

Okay, so a few weeks ago I caused a little bit of a stir on my knifemaking page on Facebook when I posted some pics of the family out in garb at Medoc Mountain State Park, maybe 15 miles from my house. No, there is no mountain there. Anyway, the question I was asked is, "When are we going to have a moot there?" Okay, how about April 2018? I'm thinking April 27-29. The 28h will be my birthday. We can do it earlier in April, but you never know about April in NC. You could die of a heat stroke, or freeze to death. So we went out Sunday and ended up taking an impromptu video. I'll post a link. It will show off the various primitive group sites at Medoc. Sorry in advance about the wind. It doesn't last long.

Any questions, comments and suggestions will be appreciated.
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