The Gwelf Survival Guide!!

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The Gwelf Survival Guide!!

Post by Elleth »

I have a feeling this might go over well, especially for those of you with some ranger-y kiddos.

The artist describes it as rather "Lord of the Rings meets Wind in the Willows"
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I've just signed on, and it looks like it's going to be a grand project!
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Re: The Gwelf Survival Guide!!

Post by Udwin »

Very interesting! LotR meets Wind in the Willows.......sooooooo.....Redwall, yes? ; )

Looking forward to seeing some future updates.
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Re: The Gwelf Survival Guide!!

Post by Greg »

REDWALL!!! That's the first thing that popped into my head.
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Re: The Gwelf Survival Guide!!

Post by Iodo »

Looks like it could be fun :P
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Re: The Gwelf Survival Guide!!

Post by Manveruon »

Wow, I LOVE that artwork!
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Re: The Gwelf Survival Guide!!

Post by SierraStrider »

Eulalia! Forward the Long Patrol!
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