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Re: Keeping ourselves honest...

Postby Elleth » Sat Feb 09, 2019 12:02 pm

Hrm... I don't see much to go on in that text. But looking at the glove more closely, I think it's *all* hand stitched, but by two different hands: one who made it, one who later cut it down and hemmed the thumb hole.

I'd *guess* it to be early 19th century, just based on the original hand stitching and the tailoring on the back of the hand. But that's a wild guess.

I know there's a list of early references to gloves on larsdatter, but none from "our" period with four fitted fingers that I recall.
Still, doing any kind of work in icy weather is such a misery, and mitts such a bother, that I can't imagine they didn't have *something*
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