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Re: Summer 2020 available now!

Postby Odigan » Mon Jun 29, 2020 4:14 pm

Greg wrote:
Cimrandir wrote:I am curious about the traction with turnshoes. Through my reading of the forum, I've noticed that with turnshoes, people have issue with hills, grass, and other slick surfaces. With the traction noted in the issue, is there a special trick or way to get the soles a little less slippery?

I've always found it fascinating how much trouble people have, to be honest. I've never treated my soles with anything, and only find them to be slick when walking on wet, mossy logs/rocks and ice. Even going down steep inclines, I don't really have issues. Sorry I'm not more help... :/

Same experience here as Greg, I've not encountered traction issues with turnsoles that I wouldn't have wearing most anything else anyway (i.e. "greasy" mud). In many instances I'd say the footing is actually superior! I know a lot of people have problems generally when transitioning to "barefoot" or minimalist-footwear activities, as we walk (or should walk) very differently than we're forced to when our feet are caged up in the rigid box that is most modern footwear.
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Re: Summer 2020 available now!

Postby Ursus » Wed Jul 01, 2020 6:11 pm

For what it’s worth on the subject of traction I think much of the problem can stem from the soles not being broken in. Some makers like Bohemond seem to coat the soles of their product with some sort of sealant that makes them quite slippery at first. My advice would be to get them nicely broken in before hitting the wilds in them.
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