Scenario - April 2014

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Scenario - April 2014

Postby Greg » Tue Apr 01, 2014 12:55 am

Well, with April 1st being what April 1st is, I thought this month's should be a little more...odd than normal.

So we've got a potential bar fight on our hands. You're being given some pretty wide leeway this with it as you see fit!

You are one character, with no present allies, of whatever race you'd like. Gear, weapons, and other useful accoutrements are at your discretion...please keep them realistic; no overbudened D&D characters, please...and no one brings a ballistae with them into a tavern, so keep that in mind, for those of you who have seen "The Gamers"...

You (green) enter the tavern on the south end, at the main door, and are greeted by the tavern keeper (purple) and note a bartender as the only other employee present (also purple). All doors are closeable...I just didn't want to draw eight doors. You are welcomed into a parlour/common room, which is bustling full of activity. A fire roars on the west wall, and in the northwest corner, a bar with four stools before it adjoins the kitchen entrance. Behind the bar is a door to a hallway leading to five rooms, each supplied with one bunk-style bed to accomodate two guests, and no window. The common room sports five windows, shown in light blue. Tables/bar/front counter are all in tan. Empty chairs are yellow, occupied seats are in blue.

The character in question is red; you suspect he is responsible for burning a farm some way down the road, and rumors have led you to believe he is one who has eluded your grasp before, for other, more personal crimes. You aren't sure if he travels alone or not, though you DO note that a character (grey) seated at the bar takes obvious interest in your arrival. Red hardly notices you, so it appears.

So the question do you approach the situation? Do you try to bribe the tavern keeper for information, accost the highwayman outright in the middle of a crowded common room...or do you burst into a well-practiced song-and-dance routine? Whatever you do, you may assume the responses for your actions, and play out a short description of the shenanigans you cause as they unfold, at your own discretion.

A foul hard rum is available, as well as a rare keg of Hobbit-brewed pale-ale. You have enough coin in your pocket to get thoroughly indecent, as well as to purchase a room for the night and a meal...the local stew, of course. Best of luck. My assurances, next month will be far more...tactically-minded.

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Re: Scenario - April 2014

Postby Peter Remling » Tue Apr 01, 2014 3:22 am

I'm a human ranger carrying a backpack, longbow, 20 arrows in a quiver over my shoulder. On my left hip is a longsword in a well worn brown leather over wood scabbard. On my right hip is a large hunting knife.

I talk to the Inn keeper requesting lodging for the night, stew and an ale. I take a seat at the top left table on the Northwest side. From this point I can directly or using peripheral vision see everyone in the main room of the Inn. I enjoy the stew and nurse the ale. I watch the red dot and the grey dot man casually, looking to see if either appear to have connections with anyone else in the inn.

I order more ale sparingly, keeping my wits and converse with the other people at my table and an occasional comment to the Inn keep. If either red dot or grey dot leave the inn, I see if they leave together and then covertly follow. Once they leave the Inn, I'll accost red dot and question him. Should grey dot or another intervene, I can always summon the watch and everyone can go to jail for questioning. If a weapon is drawn, I'll pull mine and defend myself. Should red dot run off by himself, I'll track him and question him once were alone in the woods.

There are many rumors about rangers questioning suspects alone in the woods. I should know, I started them. Fear is a tactical advantage.

Greg, I'll try not to be the first to respond next month. I do enjoy these though !
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Re: Scenario - April 2014

Postby deadextra » Sun Apr 06, 2014 9:12 pm

Human guardsman with short spear, shield, short axe, dagger, whittle tang knife, bedroll, and scrip. I'm wearing a heavy cloth gambeson and other accoutrements, nasal helmet is strapped to the bedroll.

Leaving the large weapons with the innkeeper, spear and shield, I would go to conduct a field interview with the suspect. Having a partner to provide overwatch would be nice but being public place and inn staff will be better than nothing for breaking up an altercation with more than one subject. No drink, just talk and attempt to come up with enough probable cause to attempt to detain the suspect. If he resists or attempts to flee, the furniture and patrons in the inn should slow him down on the way to the exit, just pursue or combat using the less lethal side of my axe to get him to comply.
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Re: Scenario - April 2014

Postby Ursus » Mon Apr 07, 2014 2:29 am

My kit and gear would be what you see in my pictures. Longsword, dirk, and hawk for hand weapons. My pack and quiver with my short bow all worn over my cloak. I inform the tavern keeper of my business and of my suspicions of the suspect. Not wanting blood shed in public and also not trusting a potential bunk mate I check my weapons and hand them over to him for temporary safe keeping behind the bar and inform him of my plan. I spend some time mingling with some of the more raucous drinkers, making myself out to seem from a rougher walk of life. I have the tavern keeper keep sending me well watered ale, just enough to have the smell on my breath but not enough to affect my sobriety. I state a false story often and loud enough for those in ear shot to hear, including Mr. Grey.
After I'm sure I've eased Gray's suspicions I begin to really fake being drunk and in the process happen to bump into Mr. Red, spilling his drink. Apologizing profusely I buy him another drink, and another and another. After he's good and drunk I let slip to Red that I'm into work of "questionable legality" and am working on a high paying job near by and see if he takes the bate. In his greedy, drunken state we'll say he does. Not wanting to talk further I suggest we make our way somewhere more private and talk business. Leading Red outside and off the beaten path I turn suddenly and frighteningly hostile using what means necessary to make him talk. After I wring a confession out of him I hand him over to the local law to deal with properly.
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Re: Scenario - April 2014

Postby Beornmann » Mon Apr 07, 2014 9:51 pm

Stakeout and observe. You only suspect and have rumor to base any incrimination upon. Need more evidence and you don't want to tip your hand to your identity. Hot meal and pint, act like your going to your room, and slip out the back to tail them. Plus, bar fights get messy.
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Re: Scenario - April 2014

Postby robinhoodsghost » Sun Apr 13, 2014 10:28 pm

Id watch the suspect.... who he talks to and try to sit within ear shot, to hear what he says. I'd act normal, order an ale, scan the room, whenever I took a sip, pull out some maps or a journal and act preoccupied. If he left, I would follow or if he got a room, I would watch from outside the inn and follow discreetly, then confront him in the place and manner of my choosing.
All in all he still a suspect, if I heard or saw evidence of guilt, I would cripple him and turn him over to someone in authority.
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