Fantastic wild plant identification channel!

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Fantastic wild plant identification channel!

Postby Elleth » Sun Jun 03, 2018 9:17 pm

I've not been getting out too much this year: tons of chores! But I have been paying a lot more attention to the plants around the barnyard and logging road this year, trying to get a better handle on plant and tree identification. To that end I started looking around for resources online, and found Adam Haritan's series of videos - remarkable!

I've tried learning out of books before, but there's really nothing like seeing each plant clearly in color video.

As an example:

Learn Your Land youTube Channel
Learn Your Land website

I'm curious about his background - he sounds like he's got significant biology study under his belt, but I didn't see any details on his bio.
I absolutely find his treatment of "this plant is in this family, and shares these traits with these other plants you may know" helps a lot.
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Re: Fantastic wild plant identification channel!

Postby herbcraft » Mon Dec 16, 2019 9:11 pm

an older post, but worth replying to:

I taught at a foraging event with Adam last spring: he's a super cool guy.

If you're especially interested in medicinal uses of plants, I have a slew of videos here:
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