Dakota Firehole Experiment Results

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Re: Dakota Firehole Experiment Results

Postby SierraStrider » Sun Feb 23, 2020 4:26 am

After finding the scapula a bit flimsy, I ordered up a Niwaki digging knife.


It's serviceable, and looks a lot more period than the ones with logo-etched stainless blades and serrated edges. I subdued the handle a bit with black walnut minwax stain, and am making a black walnut sheath for it.

It doesn't seem as durable as I'd like. The blade, thick as it is, seems rather more malleable than I'd like, and I managed to bend it slightly digging a small hole. It bent back easily enough, but that's not exactly a point in its favor. If the steel's that soft, I don't know how much of an edge it's going to take. I plan to give it a good long trial, but I can hardly recommend something so flimsy at this point.

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