Wanted: Sword refurbishment

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Wanted: Sword refurbishment

Postby mcapanelli » Mon Apr 25, 2011 1:48 pm

Hello all,

I figured as this was the services section this would be the place to post this. I have a MK I Albion squire line 13th century great sword that I've owned since the line first came out. While I have better swords and better training equipment now this sword holds a special place in my heart. While she'll always have a home with me she's pretty banged up, which get's us to the point of this post. I'm looking for someone that has a belt sander or other such equipment and knowledge in blacksmithing whom can grind out the nicks, put an edge on her and give her a general refurbishment. This would be no small task as not only is she notched from bad form (She was the first steel sword I trained with) but spending the two or so years stored in a friends basement has taken it's toll on her. There's advanced rust on the forte of the blade. The rust on the furniture is a good thing in my book because I'll just age her and re wrap the grip on my end. The blade I fear is well beyond my meager skill with a file and sanding block.

What I'd like done is for the blade to be re-profiled to have more of a point but still be within the XIIa family. I'm very patient so time and deadlines are not an issue. I'm also on a budget so price is a bit of an issue and that's the reason I'll do the leather work myself. So if anyone has the knowhow and the desire to take this on just shoot me a PM and we'll talk turkey.
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