Picturing the early tribes of Edain

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Picturing the early tribes of Edain

Postby Elleth » Thu Nov 28, 2019 1:56 pm

Just found this little snippet in Tom Simon's "Writing Down the Dragon and other essays, On the Tolkien Method and the Craft of Fantasy"

The people of Hador were of what we should describe as a Scandinavian type; they were nearly all tall, blue-eyed and fair haired...
The people of Bëor ... bear a decided resemblance to the Brythonic Celts, and the woodland people of Haleth to the Finns.
"The Abyss and the Critics" p.137

As a bit of a reminder: the Dunedain are descended chiefly from the line of Bëor, with Sindarin admixture. The Rohirrim from Hador of course.
I still need to do a bit of re-reading to remember the rest, but it's an interesting guide to imagining our heroes nonetheless.

I fear I don't know where the author found that reference, but it's a chapter on the Children of Hurin, so I would imagine in Christopher Tolkien's explanatory notes on that work.
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Re: Picturing the early tribes of Edain

Postby Darnokthemage » Thu Nov 28, 2019 2:01 pm

Huh... perhaps one should take inspiration of the finns when picturing the folk from Enedwaith?
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