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This is a front door and wiki for the Middle Earth Ranger Forum


Middle-Earth Rangering, at its core, is the re-creation of J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-earth in "re-enactment" form. Modern-day rangers dress in clothing appropriate to Tolkien's world and the culture of the Dunedain rangers of Arnor and/or the the Ithilien rangers of Gondor, and practice the skills represented in his works, including but not limited to wilderness survival and combat skills, using as historically appropriate methods and materials as possible.

In the pages of this wiki, you will find an ever-growing wealth of information regarding clothing, equipment, and skills as pertains to rangering. This small community was started with the desire to pursue Tolkien's Middle Earth Rangers, using his works as a "historical" guide, and has grown into a community that explores book-accurate garb, tools, and cultural differences from the many peoples populating Tolkien's Middle-earth, from across the multiple ages of the world. On this homepage, a searchable database is available for your use, allowing you to delve into our research to assist your own.

Of course, there are varying levels of "Authenticity" involved in approaching these different topics that wander from a truly historical perspective, so to aid you in your search, we are labeling the pages in our wiki as one of five basic "levels" of authenticity, from 100% historically accurate, researched, and documented, all the way to 100% fantastical, so that you can find exactly what you're looking for. Visit our Authenticity page to see how this system works.

Material Culture Database

Middle-Earth Material & Cultural Database

Pursuing ever-improving, realistic and book-accurate impressions of Middle-earth's peoples and cultures can be a tedious and slow process. Active members of our online community have combined their research to form a simple, but exhaustive searchable database to allow Middle-earth re-creators access to a wide variety of references from Tolkien's texts, encompassing most aspects of Middle-earth life, in order to encourage a more immersive and authentic Middle-earth re-creating experience. We hope this tool will encourage and enable others to work towards functional, accurate, and exciting impressions of the many varied peoples of our Middle-earth.

To use this resource, click on one of the links below, which will take you to a page detailing one specific work of Tolkien's, as broad as a single Book, or as specific as one of his published letters. At the top of each of these pages, you will find a list of searchable, capitalized keywords that will allow you to find various passages in that published work that pertain to the keyword you choose. Simply press Control+F (Command+F for Mac) in your browser, and type the keyword you wish to search into the prompt. It will scroll you through all of the recurrences of that keyword, bringing you to the references you need quickly and efficiently.

The Fellowship of the Ring

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The Two Towers

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Book 4

The Return of the King

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Appendix A



Complete Kits

To aid you in researching and assembling your own Middle-earth gear-set, clothing, tools, and weaponry for a complete, accurate, and credible persona, here you will find examples of fully explained kit breakdowns from various cultures in Middle Earth.


Coming Soon


Coming Soon

Andy's Archive

The Middle-Earth rangering community owes much of its success and early development to a forum member known simply as "Andy". Andy first went public in late 2003 about his interest in re-creating the gear, skills, and culture associated with the Dunedain Rangers of Middle Earth via online reenactment forums, which led to the creation of his own personal website, Though the website no longer exists, much can be learned from his articles and the myriad photographs collected from his old website and posts to as well as the current ranger forum, here at This section is dedicated to these images and articles, preserving the useful discoveries he made.