Oilskin duster

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Oilskin duster

Post by Udwin »

Hey folks,
I probably haven't mentioned it here much, but next month the wife and I are tackling the Appalachian Trail. Since we're going to be essentially homeless for 5-6 months, we're moving our apartments' worth of STUFF into my parents' garage, and I tend to approach having to move as an opportunity for downsizing. While going through one of my gear trunks, I came across an oilskin duster I wore all through college and wanted to offer it up to the MERF first.
It's the BUSHTRADER model made by Outback Trading Company/Oilskins of the Outback. 100% oiled cotton. I couldn't find an exact picture of it, but the one below is 90% representative. (just w/o collar snap, and no triangle reinforcement and only 1 snap on back). The tag has faded but I believe it's a Medium or Large--I'm a Small-Medium and it's pretty big on me.
Not exactly Middle-earth Rangery, but definitely gives an adventurous vibe. I thought some enterprising tinkerer might be able to make a surcoat or jerkin from it. It's excellent for windy conditions, and light to medium rain...I've worn it in extended downpours and it eventually soaked through, but overall is very good.
I'd like to get $60 shipped. Any interested parties?
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Re: Oilskin duster

Post by Manveruon »

That’s rad! Both the coat and the trek! Best of luck on that adventure! I can’t wait to hear what you have to say when you get back! That’s no small task!
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