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Hard Kit is all other accoutrements that are not clothing, weapons or armour. This includes pots and tents, and flint & steel, and other things like that.

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Re: New Projects in the Works

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Greg wrote: Sun May 09, 2021 12:14 am What I would recommend going forward would be to ditch the slits and instead sew on stylized belt loops. Every time we stitch something to the outside, it stiffens things, rather than allowing that crumpling. It's fantastic craftsmanship...I just don't see the functional need to cut slits in the sides. Looking forward to seeing the final product!
Yep, that's definitely one route I've been considering heavily. I don't want a TON of them, but I also think I can incorporate at least one into the top border and one into the bottom, that will match the center loop and continue that motif. I think I still might go ahead and pass the straps through the body of the quiver in a couple places on the next model, so as to avoid sewing TOO many loops to the outside, but it's definitely going to be minimal.
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Re: New Projects in the Works

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Awesome - even if just "photoshoot ready" I'm glad to hear you've recovered it! I can't wait to see what it looks like!

I was torn between slits and sewn-on tabs myself on a project a year or two back, and ultimately went the latter way. I'd always been kinda been dissatisfied with the aesthetics of it, and wondered how it would have gone had I done slits instead.

Thank you VERY much for exploring the road-not-taken and showing your results.
Amazing how much we all learn from each other. :mrgreen:
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