What's everyone working on?

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Re: What's everyone working on?

Post by redhandfilms »

I'm working on a camp stool/ walking stick based on this video from Skill Tree.
That video is based on this Instructable.
https://www.instructables.com/Multi-Fun ... nto-a-Cha/
Mine so far.
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Re: What's everyone working on?

Post by Iodo »

Nice work :P
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Re: What's everyone working on?

Post by Cimrandir »

Cimrandir wrote: Wed Jul 06, 2022 1:12 pm
- Tunic is a big one. I've been doing research hoping to find a tunic design that would work for both living history (6th. Britain) and Middle-earth but no dice. So right now, I'm drafting up a pattern. Straight body with no gores like some of those early Migration period tunics but with a slit in the side for ease of movement, diamond shaped under-armed gussets because I get freaked out when I can't fully move my arms sometimes, and fairly tight sleeves (again like the early Migration period stuff.) I've waffling back and forth on the neckline. Either a very late period Guddal-style standing collar or a Coptic-style slit. Because I am both crazy and Extra TM, I've decided that it's not enough to simply handsew a tunic. No, I must hand-dye it with proper plant-dyes as well. I'm looking for a dark reddish-brown so the plan is to find some natural brown wool, dye it a dark brown by boiling madder, and then over-dye it with regular madder to add some red tones.

So if anybody has a source for a medium-weight (200ish grams/m2) undyed natural brown wool in a herringbone weave, lemme know for sure. I reached out to Classic Fabrics because they've usually got lightweight stuff but they only have their natural brown in plainweave and won't be making more anytime soon.

Finally just bit the bullet and ordered the natural white wool from Classic Fabrics. Herringbone weave at 209g/m2. It's a really good time to buy things in Europe (0.97 euro to the dollar at the time of this writing.) With a width of 160 cm, I went with 4 meters. Hopeful to get at least a tunic and hood out of it and maybe a pair of short trousers if I'm careful. Now to figure out how to plant-dye things...
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