Growing my group

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Growing my group

Post by Kortoso »

I have a ME-Ranger Meetup group in the SF Bay Area. We are approaching our six-month anniversary.

It's difficult sometimes and I have to maintain my patience with low activity turnout, but the few that show up and actually "get it", thoroughly make my effort all worthwhile.

This June, we are doing workshops in Firemaking and Test Cutting, Leather Water Bottle, then an nightime outing that I call Creatures of the Night.

If you're trying to organize like-minded individuals in your area, I recommend trying Meetup.
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Re: Growing my group

Post by Taurinor »

I've started a Meetup, as well. It's less strictly Tolkien and Ranger-themed - more general fantasy hiking and camping. We've become an odd little collection of survivalists, writers, former SCAdians, and general nerds. It's been fun, though.

You do have to pay to start a Meetup group, but the basic plan is only $10 a month. When I started setting up my group then stopped for a while, Meetup sent me a coupon to make it cheaper.
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