Dwarven short sleeved wool coat - kit update

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Re: Dwarven short sleeved wool coat - kit update

Post by Iodo »

Greg wrote:Turned out great, Iodo! Seems every time I turn around you've cranked out another major garment...makes me feel like I have some work to do!
Thank you :P
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Re: Dwarven short sleeved wool coat - kit update

Post by Cimrandir »

Looks sharp! I do love how short sleeves over long break up the silhouette so well.
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Re: Dwarven short sleeved wool coat - kit update

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actually, apart from it being a little shorter, it's almost exactly patterned from Kili's coat in The Hobbit, with splits front and back but not at the sides, I just didn't do the extra piece of fabric over the shoulders, if I had it would probably be more waterproof but it looks a bit to modern to my eye so instead I settled for wearing a hood over it
A poor choice of words on my part. What I actually meant was the velvety surcoat he wears over the brigandine; not the fur-trimmed coat. But I do see how the pattern was derived from Kili’s coat now.
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