Extended outing ideas

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Extended outing ideas

Post by Kingoftheeast »

Recently someone has offered me the opportunity of staying at their vast and unexplored mountain property in hopes that i can keep the growing number of poachers at bay. theyve started noticing an increase in people crossing from the game lands onto the private property and shooting anything from deer to rabbits. People have cut down trees, ripped down the no trespassing signs, stolen game cameras, and even dumped their camping trash throughout the property.
I have experience in the back country and i know the mountain like the back of my hand but ive never gone on a multi month trip like this before. Weight isnt an issue as ill have transportation to my base camp. I was hoping some of the more experienced woodsman on here could give me an idea for some things i might want and need for base camp as well as my scouting bag. Food. Clothing. Winter clothing. Permanent and scouting shelter options. Entertainment. Bears and bobcats are prevalent and if the trash is any indicator, thoroughly drunken hunters are as well. They dont have a cabin or any kind of shelter for me to stay at but they did give me the go head to build and utilize whatever i want within reason.
Thanks for any advice and cheers to my first post after reading through the forum for months!
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Re: Extended outing ideas

Post by Elleth »


I..... oof. Drunken trespassers with guns does not sound like a challenge to be taken lightly or treated as a LARP.
I hope/assume you've talked with local law enforcement and will have radio/cell communication with them?

But that aside, "wall tent / yurt with woodstove" is the canonical primitive multi-month-over-winter answer for temporary shelter, assuming building on site is not feasible.
It sounds an extraordinary experience!
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Re: Extended outing ideas

Post by Kingoftheeast »

Yes as much as i love the idea of doing it all traditional i do plan on bringing bear spray, communications, and various other modern necessities to ensure my safety. Its just cooler and all around a better time to be out there running through the mountains with gear i made myself and a fantasy world in my head:)
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Re: Extended outing ideas

Post by Harper »

I think that I would approach this expedition as a modern base camp with the occasional LARP foray.

Even when in Ranger gear, you should have on some blaze clothing, a firearm and comms. The trespassers, poachers and the drunken version of same may see you as a target of opportunity.

Because of the presence of bears, make sure that you pay attention to the "Bear Triangle." Have a separate area for food preparation, your bear bag/canister hang and your base camp. Make sure that you put anything with a scent in the bag: toothpaste, lip balm, etc. The bears should go into hibernation soon, but try and maintain discipline. This will also help protect against "mini-bars" (chipmunks) which can tear apart gear.

With respect to the base camp, it depends on how much you gear you have and what you're budget is.

Some type of hot tent with a stove will make your stay a lot more tolerable. A yurt would be really cool.

If you do something like that, then consider a cot. I know lying on the ground with wool blankets and sheepskins is romantic, but it will get old fast. I just got one of these:
https://tetonsports.com/product/outfitt ... d-edition/
It's the size of a twin bed.

Insulation under your body will also be important. So you should have something with an R insulation value--even with a cot.

I just upgraded my sleep system. I got some gear from Wiggy's. He is currently having a sale on a number of their items. His insulation is synthetic and can compress without loosing insulation value. It can also retain insulation ability when wet. I went with the rectangular Nautalis/Hunter series since they can be unzipped and used as quilts for hammocks and cots. They can be zipped together to get even better insulation value. Unlike most manufacturers and the military, his temperature ratings are accurate. He also has an excellent sleeping mat which insulates:
https://www.wiggys.com/sleeping-bags/na ... eping-bag/
Check out the clearance section, too.

I won't repeat the importance of layering for clothing. Since you will be around fire a lot, I would wear wool and a canvas anorak or shell to go over it to protect against wind. Don't forget to wear a ski cap at night. During the day, wear a hat that is warm but breathes--I like wool for that. Sweat can kill in the Winter, too. Remember to stay hydrated: we don't pay enough attention to that in the winter.

Since you will be using cutting tools and fire, make sure your first aid kit is robust and includes provision for severe bleeding and burn cream. Use a hand saw when you can and review your basic axemanship safety precautions.

Beyond that, you should have multiple battery blocks and solar charges for your phone, tablet, flashlights, etc. Also rechargeable batteries as required.

Remember, when the sun starts to go down, it gets dark really fast in the Winter woods.

Also, establish a daily check in time with people you trust for safety.

For entertainment, bring a Kindle/Tablet and redundant thumb drives (with the Bible, LOTHR, etc.), a radio and playing cards.

This sounds like a great adventure.

Stay Safe!

Let us know how you make out.
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Re: Extended outing ideas

Post by Iodo »

this sounds like it will be a unique experience, I don't really have the skills to offer advice but what Harper said above seems like it will serve you well, stay safe and let us know how it goes :mrgreen:
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Re: Extended outing ideas

Post by Cimrandir »

I am not a lawyer so take this all with a grain of salt or two but frankly, this sounds like a terrible idea and trouble waiting to happen. This is not a safe nor smart idea. Backcountry living is no joke for one thing but the purpose of your mission gives me pause.

First, you'd be all alone. Communication is all well and good but what happens if you're off scouting and are bitten by a snake or break a leg? I work outside doing mostly survey work and we take that extremely seriously. I remember a few years ago working on a property and a co-worker was stung by some insects and went into anaphylactic shock. Despite the close proximity of the property to a hospital and the presence of his co-workers, it still was a very bad situation and it took us quite a while to get him out. I very much don't recommend a solo trip in the back country even with modern communication devices.

Second and a bit more concerning legally, I don't know what state this property or yourself is located in but I would highly doubt that your mission would be accepted legally if something did happen between yourself and these trespassers. It is not your property first off and second, defending yourself would be a very thorny issue. If it is as you say and they have little respect for the property lines/are willing to poach and if they are drunk, that seems like a situation that could devolve very quickly. Especially in an isolated environment. Are you bringing any weapons? Knives or a gun? Let me tell you, Stand Your Ground and Castle Doctrine are a very very very specific set of laws and I can almost guarantee that they will not apply here. Again, I do not recommend that you take this job. LET LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT HANDLE THIS. I'm no fan of police but this could backfire massively and just make things worse.

And finally, treating this as a LARP just seems like a bad idea. If something were to happen, I'd wager that it would not be looked upon kindly. By all means, take a cloak for warmth and some leather pouches to store food and tools in but don't treat it as a game or a LARP. At best, people would think you to be a kook and at worst, they could take it as some sort of pre-meditation or mental break.

I don't mean to sound harsh but this is truly a bad idea. I would hope that if you decide to go ahead with this that it works out well but I am doubtful. Perhaps the mods/admins should put a disclaimer here just in case.

Welcome to the forum, it's a fun hobby and I hope to see you weigh in on other threads and to watch your kit develop.
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Re: Extended outing ideas

Post by Kingoftheeast »

I dont think i explained myself well enough my friend. I wont be alone. Two others will be joining me and the property owner plans on making strategic visits weekly. I am thankful for the concern but as i said i know the area extremely well and im well acquainted with any dangers. Im not allergic to any insects and seeing as how it will be winter im even less concerned. I will have a fairly extensive first aid kit and i possess the knowledge on how to use everything inside.
Also i have no delusions of donning a cloak and a sword and fighting off trespassers. The hope is just people knowing that there are now people on the property will discourage anyone from coming. We plan on fixing the fence along the property line and rehanging any torn down signs.
Finally i in no way plan on making the whole thing a larp. I will have modern communications, winter clothing, sleeping bags, first aid equipment, etc. was just looking for something to spice everything up and make it more entertaining. Maybe get a canvas tent. Furs. Throw in some dehydrated meats and fruits. Carry a snapsack or haversack instead of a backpack. That sort of thing. Sorry for any confusion and i hope that clears some things up!
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