Traveling Dwarven persona and pack ideas

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Re: Traveling Dwarven persona and pack ideas

Post by Cimrandir »

I'm sorry to hear about your health issues. Hopefully things will start to improve soon.

Tacking on to Eofor's comment, I wonder if an inkle-woven sash like Udwin's new Aistan sash would work as a waist strap. Long enough to wrap around and apply just the right amount of pressure and soft enough for comfort without the hard edges of a leather strap.
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Re: Traveling Dwarven persona and pack ideas

Post by Meganbeyer »

not sure if i will go back to the pack frame being the ladder style. I did get to try some more modern pack frames from an army friend and found that the old swiss style frame worked best. It would be closer to the a croft frame, but with more curves and wide hip strap. The main rubs or sore points for me was in the should blades and ribs, where the two long boards are.

New plan is to maybe work on a vintage frame from ebay or someplace, or try my had at making one from scrap steel.
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