What does everyone focus on?

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Re: What does everyone focus on?

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Togon wrote: Sun Jul 31, 2022 9:49 pm So I just found a HEMA group and of course, I'm integrating this element into my persona. Togon learned arming sword from his time in the Gondorian army and uses his falchion accordingly, but now he must learn a more Westernese weapon more fitting of an Ithillien Ranger, in this case, the ubiquitous longsword. My group does do other weapons like messer, but it seems we mostly focus on German longsword. Not complaining. I was wondering what others study for their characters. Did you weave that element in with your character? Did your school's weapon choice influence you? Or did you want to study a particular weapon and found a school that teaches it? Anyone incorporate elements from non-European or modern styles? I like martial arts and weapons, so I am very interested in this element. Like, I'm a former devil dog, so I figure my bayonet techniques could fill in for spear. I'm a wrestler, so I've got grappling for unarmed. What does everyone else study?
I focus on dual short swords. I train Pekiti Tirsia Kali. This Filipino martial art is very practical to my mind. As dual swords carries over to dual knives and also down the line to open hand combat. So I feel like I get 3 times the training at once. I went looking for a martial art that had a dual swords element. I tried another system first. Krabi Krabong is from Thailand. This was less practical to me. So I kept searching. Once I found Pekiti Tirsia. I knew it was what I wanted.
I have sparred against several weapons, longsword, spear, sword & shield, other dual weilders, rapier. I would say the spear is the biggest challenge for me to overcome. The group uses foam replica weapons. As wearing all that protective gear was restricting. Also it seems people are more likely to risk being hit when wearing all the protection. When your face is not behind a mask. I think the more real world fear of getting hit is present.
I am the weapon
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