Galadhorn's Travails

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Galadhorn's Travails

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Good day!

Here I will be keeping a detailed journal of my treks on and around the Florida National Scenic trail in and out of Ranger garb. I currently do not have any garb, but I have set myself a goal of having a full kit this time next year and to hike a significant distance on this trail in-character.

I would like to start with some daily accounts of my hikes, I am currently 61 miles into my walk to Mordor, nearly to Buckleberry Ferry!

I walked 7 miles today, and taking a page out of the Professor's books, I stopped at some interesting flora, and documented them:

Houstonia Procumbens "Roundleaf Bluet"

Yucca Filamentosa "Adam's Needle"

Prunus Angustifolia "Chickasaw Plum"

I plan to continue documenting any interesting flora and fauna I run into into my travails, I hope this is as interesting to you all as it is to me!
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Re: Galadhorn's Travails

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Frodo lives!
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