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Welcome! *Please Read Before Posting*

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Welcome to the Middle-earth Ranger Forum!

We are a lively community of Individuals with one central focus in common: We love Tolkien! We are readers, dreamers, craftsmen and outdoorsmen who have come together through our love of Middle-earth to make his world come alive.

To this end, you will find discussions here on a wide range of topics, from swords and archery to clothing and kit construction...from cooking on the trail to the menu at the Prancing Pony...from the construction of a Hobbit's mattress to effective means of sleeping in the woods.

We do not 'dress up' solely to dress up...we are after the heart of Middle-earth, and making it feel as real as possible. Because of this, you will find sparse cosplay and LARP discussion here. We do not discourage these activities, but understand that things that hinder sharp swords and hunting live quarry often do not receive the same attention as live fires in the backcountry.

This is a family-friendly environment, which strives to keep peaceful and appropriate discussion at all times. We maintain that it makes no difference as to your background when it comes to choosing a persona or participating here in any way.

We are glad to have you with us, and look forward to learning from you!
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