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A hard kit consists of items that are not considered clothing, or made of fabric. A few of Andy's essentials fall under this category, and his standard trekking food recipe is included.

Fire kit

A basic flint-and-steel kit with char cloth and tow.

A basic flint-and-steel kit with char cloth and tow.

Canteens/water bottles

Stitched leather bottles which were stuffed with rice and lined with brewer's pitch. Canteens sm.jpg

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Cooking gear

Cooking kit andy.jpg

"This is what I most often carry inside the corn boiler:

Dried peas & carrots Dried beans-great northern, black-eyed, kidney, etc. Corn meal Spices I’ll carry Jerky, landjaeger, sausage, or whatever I have somewhere in my pack.

I fill the corn boiler about halfway with water, two spoon-fulls of beans and meat and put on the fire. I add several spoon-fulls corn and or peas just before it starts to boil. I just keep checking until the beans and veggies are cooked through. I sometimes have to add a little more water. I can add corn meal as a thickener. One portion has about 570 cal, 100g carbs, and 38g protein.

The corn boiler will hold enough for about 7 meals."

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