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Andy's biggest M.O. was always on getting outside in your gear, no matter how under-developed it might be, and practicing your skills. He stressed that what he did was not the SCA or a form of LARP-ing (though he openly stated that there are places where you can do that, and he didn't discourage it), but rather he was approaching Middle Earth from a historical reenactment perspective, so his skills were his actual skills, not based on the roll of a die or stats on a paper, etc. His rate of fire with a bow was what he was actually able to accomplish, not based on his character's "level". In fact, he never referred to his "character" at all; he was the ranger, and he acted the part. Though many of the images seen in the other pages showcasing his kit and research are from treks, what you will find on this page are the remaining photographs of himself and Paul Champagne from their various outings. <gallery mode=packed heights=300px> File:Old_time_ranger_2_op_450x600.jpg File:Ranger pipe 3.jpg file:AndytarpShelter.jpg File:Homepageimage op 800x614.jpg File:Paul bench hill 2 op 476x600.jpg File:32mshot.jpg File:Blendingbrown.jpg File:Tump line 2.jpg File:Andy rear gear 2.jpg File:Crossing 2.jpg File:Dscf0003.jpg File:Dscf0024.jpg File:Dscf0033.jpg File:Far shot.jpg File:Rear gear.jpg File:Sitting watch.jpg File:Tracks!.jpg File:Watchcoat.jpg File:Short cloak ii.jpg File:Short cloak.jpg File:Andy OilclothSideview.jpg File:Andy Watchcloak rear.jpg File:Side shot Andy.jpg File:Low ready Paul.jpg