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Of course, there are varying levels of "Authenticity" involved in approaching these different topics that wander farther and farther from a truly historical perspective, so to aid you in your search, we are labeling the pages in our wiki as one of five basic "levels" of authenticity, from 100% historically accurate, researched, and documented, all the way to 100% fantastical, so that you can find exactly what you're looking for.

Authenticity in reenactment is an interesting question, and can mean very different things depending on reenactment groups, and era/genre being reenacted. Also, By it's nature, Middle Earth Reenactment is an inexact thing. The Lord of the Rings never happened. How can you "authentically" reenact it?

Authenticity can probably be best approached by pulling apart and examining it's component parts. For our purposes items will be rated separately on historical faithfulness, and their fidelity to Tolkien's original works.


Tolkien: Is something a faithful representation of what Tolkien actually described?

Tolkien Widget.png = Inspired by Tolkien

Tolkien Widget.pngTolkien Widget.png = Care has been taken to replicate the look or feel of an object form Tolkien or the LOTR movies, but it isn't appropriate for hard wear.

Tolkien Widget.pngTolkien Widget.pngTolkien Widget.png = It fits with middle Earth, but not a Ranger interpretation.

Tolkien Widget.pngTolkien Widget.pngTolkien Widget.pngTolkien Widget.png = Faithful representation of a Middle Earth object with appropriate historical reference.

Tolkien Widget.pngTolkien Widget.pngTolkien Widget.pngTolkien Widget.pngTolkien Widget.png = You just stepped out of Arda.


Historical.png = The piece is wholly fantasy

Historical.pngHistorical.png= this looks like a historical piece but no attempt has been made to document or follow an extant example.

Historical.pngHistorical.pngHistorical.png = the piece is not directly based on a single extant piece, but is influenced by several.

Historical.pngHistorical.pngHistorical.pngHistorical.png = the piece is fully documented and based on an extant historical object.

Historical.pngHistorical.pngHistorical.pngHistorical.pngHistorical.png = This piece is fully documented and associated with historic rangers, huntsmen, or foresters.