Children of Hurin

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Children of Hurin

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The Children of Hurin: Chapter 1: The Childhood of Turin

"In that year also the great counsels of Maedhros were almost complete, and with the reviving strength of the Eldar and the Edain the advance of Morgoth was stayed, and the Orcs were driven back from Beleriand. Then some began to speak of victories to come, and of redressing the Battle of the Bragollach, when Maedhros should lead forth the united hosts, and drive Morgoth underground, and seal the Doors of Angband." MILITARY; TACTICS

"Her hair was like the yellow lilies in the grass as she ran in the fields..." FLORA

"None of the Eldar at that time dwelt in his father’s lands, and once only had he seen them, when King Fingon and many of his lords had ridden through Dor-lómin and passed over the bridge of Nen Lalaith, glittering in silver and white." GARMENTS

"Húrin mourned openly, and he took up his harp and would make a song of lamentation; but he could not, and he broke his harp..." CULTURAL/SOCIAL, ARTIFACTS

"He had been a woodman, and by ill-luck or the mishandling of his axe he had hewn his right foot, and the footless leg had shrunken..." ARTIFACTS, WEAPONS, CULTURAL/SOCIAL

"On the morning of Túrin’s birthday Húrin gave his son a gift, an Elf-wrought knife, and the hilt and the sheath were silver and black..." WEAPONS, ARTEFACTS, MATERIALS

"It is a bitter blade, and steel serves only those that can wield it. It will cut your hand as willingly as aught else..." WEAPONS, MATERIALS

"And when Sador drew the knife from the sheath he said: ‘This is a gift indeed: a blade of elven steel. Long have I missed the feel of it." WEAPONS, MATERIALS

" There came a bright morning in the month of Lothron when Túrin was roused by sudden trumpets; and running to the doors he saw in the court a great press of men on foot and on horse, and all fully armed as for war." MILITARY, ARTIFACTS, FAUNA.

" Then he lifted Túrin to his shoulder, and cried to his men: ‘Let the heir of the House of Hador see the light of your swords!’ And the sun glittered on fifty blades as they leaped forth, and the court rang with the battle-cry of the Edain of the North: Lacho calad! Drego morn! Flame Light! Flee Night!" WEAPONS, MILITARY, TACTICS, CULTURAL/SOCIAL

" Then at last Húrin sprang into his saddle, and his golden banner was unfurled, and the trumpets sang again in the morning; and thus Húrin Thalion rode away to the Nirnaeth Arnoediad." ARTIFACTS, MILITARY

"... until far away they heard the faint call of a single horn on the wind..." ARTIFACTS

The Children of Hurin: Chapter 2: The Battle of Unnumbered Tears